Skip Bins Available for Hire

The Different Types of Skip Bins Available for Hire

Are you tired of cluttered yards, overflowing garbage cans, and endless trips to the dump? Look no further than skip bins! With their convenient drop-off and pick-up services, skip bins are the ultimate solution to waste management woes. A wide variety of skip bin options are available to cater to your specific needs. Read on to discover the different types of skip bins available for hire that can revolutionise how you deal with your rubbish!

Skip Bins

Skip bins come in different sizes and types to cater to various waste management needs. The right size of the skip bin depends on the amount of waste generated and the space available for storage. Skips bin providers like Junkyard Skips offer a range of sizes and types to cater to the needs of their clients.

The Different Sizes of Skip Bins Available for Hire

The following are the different sizes of skip bins in available for hire:

Mini Skip (2m³)

The mini skip is the smallest size available and is perfect for smaller projects or those with limited space. These are commonly used in households for small renovations, yard clean-ups, and green waste removal.

Small Skip (3m³)

The small skip is the next size up and is perfect for most home renovation projects. It is ideal for waste removal during kitchen or bathroom renovations, small landscaping projects, or garage cleanouts.

Medium Skip (4m³)

The medium skip is ideal for larger home renovation projects or commercial waste disposal. These skip bins are perfect for commercial establishments, building sites, and household waste removal during medium-sized renovations.

Large Skip (6m³)

The large skip is best for construction sites or significant commercial projects. It is also perfect for large household cleanouts, moving houses, or retail and industrial waste removal.

Extra Large Skip (10m³)

The extra-large skip is our largest size and perfect for industrial waste disposal. These skip bins are ideal for commercial establishments and large construction sites.

The Different Types of Skip Bins

Junkyard Skips doesn’t just offer a variety of skip bin sizes and types – they also cater to a diverse range of waste materials. Whether you’re dealing with general household waste, green garden clippings, or heavy machinery, their skip bins have got you covered. Here’s a breakdown of some of the waste types that they can accommodate:

General Waste: Say goodbye to unwanted household items and commercial waste. From furniture to plastic, Junkyard Skips can help you get rid of general household waste.

Green Waste: Got a green thumb? We can also take care of your garden waste, including grass, leaves, and tree branches. 

Concrete and Bricks: If you’re working on a construction or demolition project, you’ll need a reliable way to dispose of concrete and bricks. Luckily, Junkyard Skips can recycle these materials and give them a new lease on life in building projects.

Soil and Dirt: Need to do some landscaping or garden work? Our skip bins can take clean fill such as soil and dirt, making it easy to get rid of unwanted materials.

Mixed Heavy Waste: When dealing with tough waste materials such as car engines or machinery, it’s crucial to have a company you can trust. Junkyard Skips has the expertise to handle these difficult waste types, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Now that you know the different types and sizes of skip bins available for hire, let’s look at the benefits of using Junkyard Skips for your waste disposal needs.

Benefits of using Junkyard Skips

Cost-effective: Hiring a skip bin from Junkyard Skips can often be more cost-effective than other waste disposal methods, such as hiring a trailer or transporting waste to a landfill site.

Convenient: We offer a range of skip bin sizes and types, making finding a solution that meets your specific needs easy. We also offer flexible delivery and pick-up times to ensure the process is as convenient as possible.

Safe and secure: Junkyard Skips takes safety and security seriously. We ensure all skip bins are properly maintained and comply with relevant safety standards. We also take measures to prevent unauthorised access to skip bins, which can be a concern for businesses that handle confidential or sensitive materials.

Skip Bins and Waste Removal

Junkyard Skips offers a range of skip bins that are suitable for various waste disposal needs. From mini skips for small projects to extra-large skips for major commercial and industrial projects, we have a solution to meet your specific requirements. In addition to our range of skip bin sizes, we also offer a variety of skip bin types to ensure that your waste is disposed of in the most appropriate way possible. With flexible delivery and pick-up times, environmentally responsible disposal practices, and a commitment to safety and security, Junkyard Skips is the ideal choice for all your waste disposal needs.


How long can I hire a skip bin from Junkyard Skips?

You can hire a skip bin for up to 7 days. If you require the skip bin for a longer period, you can discuss this with Junkyard Skips when you make your booking.

Can I put hazardous materials in the skip bin?

No, hazardous materials such as asbestos, chemicals, and batteries cannot be disposed of in skip bins. If you are unsure about whether a particular material is hazardous, contact Junkyard Skips for advice.

Do I need a permit to hire a skip bin?

If you plan to place the skip bin on public property, such as a footpath or road, you may need a permit from your local council. Junkyard Skips can provide advice on whether a permit is required.

Can I choose the delivery and pick-up times for my skip bin?

Yes, Junkyard Skips offers flexible delivery and pick-up times to ensure that the process is as convenient as can be.